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"ADHD isn't caused by
bad parenting.
But ADHD causes
bad parenting."
Dr Russel Barkley

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"By the age of 12, children with ADHD get 20,000 more negative messages about themselves than other kids their age."
William W. Dodson, MD

“ADHD is like having a Ferrari engine
for a brain with bicycle brakes.
Strengthen the brakes and
you have a champion.
People with ADHD are
the inventors and the innovators,
the movers and the doers,
the dreamers who built America.”

- Dr. Edward Hallowell

When we have a child with ADHD sometimes we let go of the dream relationship that we would like to have with our children.  Instead we are hoping to just get through the day, meeting the bare minimum of parental responsibilities and surviving to do it again tomorrow.

Yet, again and again, the research shows how beneficial it is for our children, neurodiverse or neurotypical, to have a loving and secure attachment with us, to know that they are protected and have someone they can rely on.

"Into adulthood, secure attachment translates into higher self-esteem, more long-term healthy relationships, and an increased ability to trust others for social support. Since they grow up with a positive caregiver relationship, securely attached children can replicate a healthy bond with others, in all types of relationships."

Through the Positive Intelligence course, parents develop a greater understanding of themselves and mental fitness, allowing them to recognise and intercept their own triggers in interactions with their children.  Through individual coaching, parents develop actionable goals for their biggest struggles specific to their life and relationships.


Change the way you think and approach life.

Be clear about your priorities and boundaries.

Have a better understanding of what drives you
and how you are getting in your own way.

See the motives and saboteurs in those around you
(your children, partner, colleagues, other parents)
and know how to respond effectively.


Know ADHD inside out and upside down.

Recognise how ADHD influences the behaviour and skills of your child and be able to predict what your child will need support for.

Get a plethora of ideas and strategies that you can try to see what sits well with your family.


Change the way you approach the big struggles in your life, inside and outside of your parenting.

Use a tried and true problem solving technique
with a qualified life coach to ease the overwhelm
and let you concentrate on the struggles that really matter.

The ADHD Responsivity Manual
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