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ADHD - Body, Brain, Heart and Soul

ADHD is a lived experience and it affects every aspect of life - Body Brain Heart and Soul.

BODY - It is no surprise that ADHD effects energy levels and excersie requirements, but did you know that ADHD affects the way we sleep and eat, and the way we experience the world around us. Changes within our body, for example hormone changes associated with different ages and stages of life have significant impacts on the challenges that ADHD brings.

BRAIN - ADHD is inherently a disorder of the brain, where, for one reason or another, there are not enough dopmine in our brains to get the job done, but the impacts are wide ranging. From mental hyperactivity to challenges with executive functions, impulsiveness and time blindness. It also gives us the superpower of hyperfocus!

HEART - As people with ADHD, we feel the same emotions that everyone else feels and for the same reason. However, we feel them more intensely and sometimes this can be overwhelming! Some people with ADHD also suffer greatly from rejection sensitivity dysphoria (RSD), where as others develop anxiety, depression or OCD with the constant trying and failing to keep up to societal norms.

SOUL - But the real wonders of ADHD come into their own with the creative ways that our brains link ideas to solve problems or create masterpeices. By reframing our attributes, levering our strengths, following our passions and using our hyperfocus the world is truely our oyster.

Coming soon: A short course on ADHD...

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