Do you wish your
parents and teachers
would just get off your back?

Are your emotions,
like anger or anxiety,
running your life?

Are you ready to turn ADHD
from your biggest struggle
into your superpower?

MayDay ADHD Coaching will help you develop the independence, self-control and results you are looking for.
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"By the age of 12, children with ADHD get 20,000 more negative messages about themselves than other kids their age."

- William W. Dodson, MD
At MayDay ADHD Coaching we take a two pronged approach to strengthening each teen's sense of self-worth and agency.  Firstly we run an intensive six week small group program, where teens learn to recognise and intercept their mental saboteurs and engage the powers of their inner sage.  We also spend 10 weeks with each teen identifying their goals and turning their individual struggles into successes.  Through this process the teens learn who they are and how to use the brain they have to their best advantage.
Sphere on Spiral Stairs

“ADHD is like having a Ferrari engine
for a brain with bicycle brakes.
Strengthen the brakes and
you have a champion.
People with ADHD are
the inventors and the innovators,
the movers and the doers,
the dreamers who built America.”

- Dr. Edward Hallowell 

What does $2000 give me?

* 10 weekly 30 minute co-active coaching sessions to work through ADHD specific struggles.
* 8 weekly hour long small group POD sessions to give accountability and individualise mental fitness.
* 7 weekly hour long videos to provide insight on how mental fitness is established and maintained.
* 6 weeks of coaching challenges 4 times a day for 4 days a week through the dedicated app.
* 1 year's access to the PQ gym for guided exercises and tracking of your mental fitness.
* Between session email support.

How much time
will this take?

This is a completely life changing process
- and change takes time!
There are two options available to you depending on the time you have to commit to the program.
Either you can choose the intensive schedule where you do the Positive Intelligence course and the co-active coaching simultaneously over the course of one school term.  This will involve meeting with me twice a week as well as completing all the homework (~4 hours a week).  Alternatively you can do the Positive Intelligence course first and do the co-active the following school term to spread out the time.
Every child wants to grow up:
* To be happy, confident and productive members of society. 
* To have compassion and empathy for others and themselves. 
* To be able to find hope and opportunities when things don't go to plan. 
* To have the skills and resilience to live full independent lives whilst being in healthy relationships with others.

Our combination of Positive Intelligence and Co-Active Coaching provides the mindset and skills that teens need in order to succeed in life.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

or your money back

As an ADHD coach, I work with teens
who seek to understand themselves with
compassion, turn their ADHD struggles
into strengths, and strive for their dreams. 
For $2000, I offer a 6 week Mental Fitness
program (RRP $1500) combined with weekly
coaching for a 10 week school term (RRP $1000). And, if you commit to doing the program as it was designed, and do not see significant improvements, I will refund your entire investment.  I only want to work with teens ready to take responsibility for their own lives and willing to make the commitment.

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