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Enjoy being the parent your child with ADHD needs

Prevent your own burnout, and gain the knowledge, community and skills everyone deserves while raising their child.

Mother and Daughter

Supporting parents to find their emotional strength and  confidence

Supporting teens and young adults to thrive in their independence

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Picture of Helen Day smiling

Hi, I'm Helen

Experienced Special Education Teacher

Parent of 2 children with ADHD

Certified ADHD Life Coach

and an ADHDer myself

I know how hard I struggled to parent my eldest son when he was in primary school, and how hard it remains...  

At MayDay ADHD Coaching:

  • You will be met with empathy for your experiences.

  • We will be curious together about what is happening at a deep level.

  • We will come up with unique and ingenious solutions to your specific challenges.

  • We will align your actions with your purpose and values.

  • We will change your life in practical and meaningful ways.

Find out if we are a good fit:

1. Book a 15-minute call to discuss what you are looking for and see if my offer suits your needs.

2. Book a 60-minute initial consultation to experience coaching and determine if it suits you.

Our Intensive
Three-Pronged Approach

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We are building an online community that we support
with the same 3 pronged approach.

Recognise your teachers

Monday Mindset Minutes

A video to invite thought about your own viewpoint at the start of the week

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Wednesday 'What?'

Community-based knowledge sharing

Friday Fun

Friday Fun

Skills based activities for you to share with your child/teen


Hi Helen
I can't thank you enough for your time with my daughter today.   She said she felt a sense of relief and is looking forward to tackling her assignments with these new skills and ideas.   
This is the most positive she has been in a long time, and I'm truly grateful.


Mother of Teen with Possible ADHD

The PQ course and guidance provided by Helen was a valuable support in the arsenal I have developed to help me negotiate challenges as they emerge. The combination of guided exercises and discussions was particularly interesting, and Helen was gentle and empathetic as we moved through the course material. 


Neurodiverse Adult

I have someone to talk to about what has happened and I can get ideas on what  to do and how I can manage it.


10 year old with ADHD

Helen made me slow down, think about my responses and become aware of my own boundaries.  The daily exercises were a good time out, even if only for 2 minutes a couple of times a day to refresh my mind.


Mother of Teen with ADHD

Helen has empowered me to take the steps I need in order to gain the life I want. I can’t thank her enough.

Adult with Burnout

Helen is compassionate, empathetic, and intuitive. She really understands the challenges and the gifts ADHD brings and has helped me see what I can bring to the table.


Mum with ADHD

Coach Helen Day has been instrumental in helping me sort out and evolve my career goals. I felt very frustrated, confused, and very uncertain of how to move forward. Helen helped me discern what really matters at this stage of my life, formulate the career lifestyle that works for me, and stay focused on what my next steps are. 

My eternal gratitude to Helen for her never ending patience with my neural diverse challenges and quirky speaking style. I highly recommend MayDay ADHD Coaching for anyone with neural diverse life issues. You won't be sorry!


Adult with ADHD

The team at Perform Australia would like to thank you for sharing your valuable knowledge yesterday at our professional development day. Your suggestions on strategies to help students with ADHD in our after school acting programs was insightful and will help guide all our teachers immensely with supporting students in our classes. We will not hesitate to get you back for further training, when needed, in the future.


Perform Australia

I experienced less conflict!  The course helped me to pause, listen, take stock and not engage too much with my or the other person's saboteurs.


Mother of Teen with ADHD

Helen has a warmth about her that immediately makes you feel welcome and safe and that was important to me on the day I met her, having moments earlier experience a difficult situation with my daughter (who has ADHD and autism and who, along with my personal struggles with ADHD, is the reason I sought Helen’s help in the first place). It was easy to open up to her right from the get go and that is very rare for me. 

As our sessions progressed I was impressed by how many tools she has in her belt that made the visits interesting and creative and original every time (but not in a scary way). I think I would’ve found this even without the use of the Positive Intelligence book and app (although it is definitely recommended too). 

Coaching is not counselling. It’s more purposeful, and goals driven. Instead of throwing the flood gates open to fix everything you focus on a particular thing you want help with (in my case it was working on my relationship with my daughter). That makes coaching more approachable for a neurodivergent mind that does so much better when tasks are broken down into manageable chunks. Helen doesn’t just come at you with some one trick pony “this has worked for all my other clients so I’ll just keep doing it” style either. She is responsive and flexible and makes you part of this process and engages you with creative and truly immersive exercises that are in response to what you bring to the table that day. 

I cannot recommend her ADHD coaching enough!


Mother of Teen with ADHD and Autism

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