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Enjoy being the parent your child with ADHD needs

I struggle to set up consistent systems and expectations in our house to raise my child. Things just seem to happen, and I respond to them at that time. I want to figure out where I want my family to be heading.

Then I've got what you need...

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ADHD Life Coaching

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This 45-minute session allows you to explore a particular challenge in your life.  Dedicating this time to dive deep into the motivations and emotions behind the struggle, explore what is happening from multiple perspectives, brainstorm potential solutions,  align ideas with your values and convictions, and make a robust action plan will allow you to make the changes you are looking for in your life.


As Barb says, "Coaching is not counselling. It’s more purposeful and goals-driven. Instead of throwing the floodgates open to fix everything, you focus on a particular thing you want help with (in my case, it was working on my relationship with my daughter). That makes coaching more approachable for a neurodivergent mind that does much better when tasks are broken down into manageable chunks."