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Emma's Story

Emma has been a client of mine for a while, having gone through the Positive Intelligence Course with me half way through last year. She is a single woman who lives with her young puppy.

Then in October last year, she caught COVID, and she caught it bad. One of her friends looked after her dog for a week so she could concentrate on getting well, and she did get back to work reasonably quickly. However, she was suffering greatly with the fatigue that followed for over a month before booking an appointment. She could last out her working day, but when she got home she was exhausted. She was ready to collapse on the couch, not go for a half hour walk and play fetch in the backyard!

When she reached out for a session, we quickly got together, and it became apparent that she was feeling guilty about how much she was asking of other people in looking after her dog, particularly her Mum, who is not a great fan of dogs. During the 1 hour we had together, Emma decided to accept the love people were showing her by helping her, she found compassion for herself in the the struggle she was having, she came up with a list of alternatives to spread the load out a little wider and she had developed her own plan on how to listen to her body as she recovered. She may have shed a few tears in the process, but she was confident in what she needed to do.

A month later, she was walking her dog again, and she probably would have been anyway. But for that month, she felt loved and at peace, rather than guilty and stressed - and potentially recovered all the faster because of it.

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